European airports in 2015 served over 918 million passengers. Expansion of the low cost airline market, which is often competitive with other modes of transport and the increasing propensity of people to fly, will see a dynamic increase in passenger numbers over the next few years.

Rising passenger flows will impact on increased parking traffic. Many people who travel by plane use cars to get to the airport.

Ważnym aspektem jest zapewnienie sprawnego systemu zarządzania, umożliwiającego łatwe odnalezienie wolnego miejsca i kierowania ruchem oraz prowadzenie ewentualnego systemu poboru opłat bądź weryfikacji wjeżdżających bądź wyjeżdzających pojazdów.

It is important to deliver to the airport administrators simple, fast and effective parking system. It can not only to collect payments but also control traffic and guid to vacant parking spots.

The integrated parking spots detection system allows you to control the current number of vacant parking spots, and with the use of a web site, mobile application or LED signage system, the driver can find the place his or her reservation.