The growth of large agglomerations, determined by migration, especially of young people, towards large cities, creates thousands of new properties. Throughout 2016, nearly 80,000 new apartments were put into service(data from Poland), which was a continuation of the upward trend. New residential properties are built mainly in large cities, often next to each other and in many cases their natural shortcoming, especially in the evenings, is the availability of parking lots. Out of the parking lots originally intended for the residents are used by outsiders, and the residents themselves are left alone.

Integrated parking systems using parking terminals and vehicle verification systems that attempt to enter the estate allow for adequate accessibility of parking spaces. The system can be equipped with both videodetection systems and radio control systems with special vignettes or remote controls to control the barriers. An important convenience may be the use of automatic parking blocks, which are accessible to authorized persons, and the opening of the lock is carried out by means of a remote control.