Shopping centers, because of the opportunity to visit many shops have become a place that is visited much more often than single stores. In 2016 an average resident of the Warsaw conurbation visited the shopping center six and a half times a month, which accounted for 16.7 million visits a month in 28 Warsaw shopping centers. The situation is similar in other similar size cities in Europe.

The large motorization factor of city citizens, especially in large like Warsaw - almost 600 vehicles per 1000 inhabitants, Prague - 640 or Berlin - 610 makes most of our purchases a moving vehicle. Parking spaces and the maintenance of the smooth movement of vehicles in its area.

Often, awareness of the problem of finding a parking spot at a destination discourages customers to arrive.

We provide integrated parking systems designed for both indoor and outdoor use to ensure that vehicles are comfortably parked in the car park, to provide access to parking and to navigate free parking spots. In our offer we have solutions tailored to the needs of each type of building and location, using parking terminals, barriers, fully automated charging systems and magnetic detection or videodetection systems.