In 2015 the number of cars in the world was 1.1 billion. It is estimated that by 2025 this figure will increase to 1.5 billion, and in 2040 to reach 2 billion vehicles. In Poland alone over the past 25 years the number of cars has tripled and now stands at about 20 million. Such a large number directly contributes to the congestion and traffic jams that are a problem for most Polish cities. Approximately 15% of the city traffic between 9 am and 5 pm generate vehicles looking for free parking spaces.

The supply of additional parking spaces is clearly lower than the demand for them, and the constraints associated with spatial development plans further escalate the problem.

Often, however, vacant posts for vehicles are located in places that are difficult to find or to which access is difficult for various reasons.

The solution to the problem is the implementation of the parking space detection system. The magnetic sensor mounted on the ground, together with the control unit and the server, allows you to monitor the availability of parking places via a mobile application, a website, or LED information boards. The use of the system directly influences the reduction of traffic and its liquefaction and increases the efficiency of car parks, improves the efficiency of using already existing parking options and reduces environmental pollution due to reduction of exhaust emissions.

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Parking management

Parking management DGS Parking Systems Services Parking management We offer cooperation in the field of parking management. We offer comprehensive service in the field of equipment and preparation of car park toll collection, and also free of charge to analyze the profitability of the parking space owned by the customer. The parking service can be … Continue reading “Parking management”

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Parking Construction

Parking Construction DGS Parking Systems Services Parking Construction We also offer civil engineering services. Having adequate human and equipment resources, we do the work related to asphalt laying, paving, road and sidewalk construction. So we can design, build and equip the parking. Looking for Parking specialists? You’re in the right spot! We provide intelligent solutions … Continue reading “Parking Construction”

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Parking Equipment

Parking Equipment DGS Parking Systems Services Parking Equipment DGS Parking Systems, within the range of products and solutions available in the garage, offers installation services. Our certified installers along with the equipment provided ensure correct installation and configuration of entry and exit terminals, barriers, automatic payment stations and other parking devices. We also offer extended … Continue reading “Parking Equipment”

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