Parking bollards are an alternative to the barriers as a device to limit vehicle entry. Automatic sliding bollard are widely used around the world as aesthetic and architecturally neutral solutions. A large number of models make it possible to choose the right solution. The main advantages of parking bollards compared to barriers are their aesthetics and not blocking the pedestrian crossing. In addition, some parking bollard models may be a physical blockade of passageways, which is important in places prone to terrorist attacks, such as airports, shopping centers and government buildings.

  • The device does not disturb the aesthetics of the area.
  • The device can be controlled by the same system as the barriers
  • This device is a physical blockage even for vehicles up to 3 tonnes (depending on model)
  • Installation time is only slightly longer than the time of installation of the parking barrier

Example of the bollards at Wroclaw railway station.


Device available in various variants and configurations

Parking bollard are available in several variants. The cheapest option is the manual bollard equipped with a gas spring, which we press with the foot to close the post. This solution can be an alternative to tilting parking blocks used to control the occupancy of a particular parking space.

Hydraulic driven bollards are also available, which can be controlled by a remote control or configured with other access control systems such as RFID card readers or videodetection systems.

The most advanced solution is the electromechanical bollard. Opening and closing times are shorter than hydraulic ones, and they are more suited to carry out more cycles.

There are also fixed bollards that are used in places where access should be limited to a dozen or several dozen meters. In this case, only 1 or 2 bollard can be tilted, and the remaining ones will be fixed posts.


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