Parking Outdoor Guidance System is an innovative tool that allows easy and convenient way to monitor the availability of parking spots in the city and guide users to the nearest vacant position in the destination area. The car park manager can, in real time, monitor the load and usage of the car park.

Approximately 15% of traffic in cities during the day (9.00 - 17.00) are vehicles looking for free parking spaces.  Our system directly influences the reduction of traffic and its liquefaction, increases the efficiency of car parks, improves the efficiency of using already existing parking spots, and reduces pollution due to reduction of exhaust emissions.

  • High detection efficiency
  • competitive price
  • Ease of assembly
  • Large customization possibilities
  • No impact of atmospheric conditions on detection efficiency
  • resistance to vandalism
  • Wireless sensors, battery life of about 5-7 years

Our Outdoor Parking Guidance System consists of Wireless Parking Sensor KSK - Magnetic, Wireless LoRa Network infrastructure, LED active signs which display the current number of free parking spaces in the area. The system also consists of the mobile app which navigates driver to the free parking space closest destination point, show the prices of the parking areas. Outdoor Parking Guidance System is ideally suited not only for urban parking spaces, but also to make parking easier and more comfortable on large, outdoor parking areas which are easy to find at airports, hospitals, office buildings et


KSK Magnetic - Parking Sensor

Check how it works

KSK Magnetic Sensor is wireless detector of occupancy of parking spaces. It is specially dedicated for the use on external car parkings, in particular, located in the dense urban areas. Each parking space needs to be equipped with a wireless sensor mounted directly on the existing surface.


The device is mounted directly in the surface of the parking space. Installation consists of hollowing the hole, placing the sensor and filling the free surface with a special silicone mass. Assembly is possible both in concrete cube and asphalt. There is also a sensor version glued to the car park surface. It applies when mounting inside the surface is forbidden due to the risk of losing the guarantee of its construction

Main features of the system

Sensor detects vehicle based on the continuous measurement of natural magnetic field of the Earth and recording field disturbance caused by the vehicle. Information about the actual occupancy of the parking space is obtained as the current register and directed by radio to the collecting device(using the LoRa network) using a private network or a public IoT.

The information about the occupancy of the parking space may the used by the manager of the parking and it can be presented using smartphone’s app or the led traffic sign display


Installation of the sensors is not invasive, simple and fast. It causes no restrictions in the current functioning of the parking. Configuration of the sensors may be done by mobile phone using NFC technology.

Technical specifications

  • frequency 868 MHz,
  • detection method: magnetic, 
  • weight: 88 g,  
  • dimensions: 78,1 mm x 78,1 mm, 
  • colour: black, 
  • tightness: IP67,
  • operating temperature for optimum battery consumption - 20 - +50 o C,
  • maximum and minimum operating temperature - 41 - + 81 o C,
  • the communication range with base station: to 500m,
  • power: replaceable lithium battery,
  • battery life: 5-8 years,
  • network: LoRaWAN™,
  • detection performance ~ 98%,
  • warranty 2 years

LoRa network base station 

LoRa base station ensures secure and stable network connection LoRaWAN. This is the type of network LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) dedicated to battery-powered devices within the IoT (Internet of Things), providing two-way, secure connection with the possibility of geolocation of end nodes. The LoRa base station allows simultaneous connection with several thousands of devices simultaneously within the available range. The equipment is designed on the basis of high-quality CD radio IMST and Open Source software. As a result, the device is easy to adapt to any configuration, and will allow independent software modification. The device is easy to install and immediately fully operational.


Aplikacja mobilna app1

With Naviparking application available for Android and OSX user Smart Phone users can easily find a free parking spot. Information from the sensors are sent to our server and information about the occupancy of parking spaces is sent to the application in real time. The application allows you to navigate to a specific parking space or one of the places available around a specific location. In case of another vehicle "taking the spot", the application will notify us of this fact and propose other currently available parking space. In addition to the information from the sensors Naviparking application provides information on private parking lots in a given location and the parking P & R.


Occupancy displays

zdjecie-tablicOccupancy displays are designed to present information of the number of free parking spaces in a specific location. Tables are supplied with 230VAC / 50Hz or can be solar powered. Information on the number of parking spaces is passed to the array via Ethernet. The dimensions of the array is 350 x 1750 x 150 [mm]. Information is presented on the LED board yellow color 160 x 360 [mm]







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