We offer cooperation in the field of parking management. We offer comprehensive service in the field of equipment and preparation of car park toll collection, and also free of charge to analyze the profitability of the parking space owned by the customer.

The parking service can be combined with the delivery and installation of the parking system, parking monitoring, and the development of parking regulations and tariffs.

Within the framework of the service, the Customer receives a monthly report, which includes information about parking space, revenue, costs, extraordinary actions and service actions.


  • We use new technology to improve quality of our service
  • Continuous updating and monitoring of the car park
  • Precise forecasting of costs and revenue

Parking management offer

Below are models of management service cooperation:

In this model of cooperation, DGS Parking Systems will take care of the equipment and organization of the car park and then make it available to drivers. We manage the parking and we account for the customer as a percentage of revenue generated.

In this model, the customer pays a fixed monthly installment, while all the revenue generated by the parking lot is transferred to him. The cost of buying, installing and servicing parking equipment is already included in the monthly installment, which remains unchanged throughout the life of the contract.


In this model, the parking rent service is linked to a fixed management contract where the customer receives a fixed remuneration and a bonus that is based on the revenue generated by the parking.


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